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A Divinely Appointed Gathering of Men - Tofey Leon

I was 47 years old, hopelessly lost and didn’t know it. I believed that Jesus was God’s son yet had no idea I could have a personal relationship with Him. As far as I knew, I was here and He was somewhere else, a place I had no access to.

I knew something was wrong in my life but was clueless as to what it was. I dreaded getting up each morning. I was bordering on desperate, not knowing which way to turn. But our God is a God of love, mercy, and super abounding grace. He knew what I was going through, and because He cared deeply for me, He orchestrated my coming to walk through the small gate and down the narrow path from beginning to end.

By His amazing grace I was invited to attend a men’s group meeting held each Wednesday morning at Ashland Place Methodist church. I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready to try anything.

That first morning I was standing in the parking lot drinking a cup of coffee when Steve Hudson walked up to me and asked me how I was doing. The first person I met inside where the meeting was held was Jim Bingaman. These two men have both been integral in my walk with The Lord. God knew I needed both of them.

The format of the meeting was that someone would share a testimony for 30-45 minutes and then the large group would break up into smaller groups to study God’s Word. That day a local Pastor was sharing and let me tell you, his message opened my eyes. I had never heard a testimony before and needless to say, it was soul-stirring.

At that time B T Roberts was the moderator, and I had known him from the YMCA years earlier. Not knowing what to do, I followed him to his group Bible study. In that small group were a number of men who have become heroes of the faith to me. I remember they were studying 1 Corinthians, and I had no idea where it was located in my Bible.

It didn’t take many Wednesday mornings before I began to realize these men had something in their lives that I was missing. I didn’t know it at the time, but that something was Jesus. On top of that, they were extraordinarily kind to me and patiently answered all of my questions.

That first meeting was what God used as a catalyst for me becoming eternally secure, which happened 9 months later on my 21st wedding anniversary, August 10, 2006! What an amazing God we serve. It is still hard for me to believe that He chose a depraved sinner like me to spend eternity with Him. His incredibly patient heart allowed me time for His saving grace to do its work in my life.

Over the last 17 years since I became a new creation, Jesus has continued to work in my life revealing Himself to me daily, using me for His glory. Now, instead of dreading tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what He has in store for each new day He gives me in His Kingdom!

Tofey and Caren Leon have been married for 38 years. They have a daughter Lindsay (Jon Seaborg), a son TJ (Kelsie), one grandson and two granddaughters on the way. They are both native Mobilians. Tofey is very involved with local and foreign missions. He is a business owner and more importantly, a lover of Jesus and His gospel message.



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