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A Man's Heart Plans, but the Lord Directs - Blake Kennedy

Our daughter was two-years old, and we very much hoped to grow our family. That hope did not materialize, and I blamed God. I remember thinking, how can a drug addict or abusive spouse or parent have kids, but we cannot?

I would fake being happy for others when someone would share that they just became pregnant. And I would cringe inside when someone casually asked, “Y’all only have one?” Years would pass, and we figured God had made his plan clear for us.

God started to move in our lives when we attended JH Outback of Mobile in the Fall of 2018. At the end of a marriage enrichment talk, there is an exercise in which we each washed the other’s feet. Afterward my wife and I sat on a park bench and poured out our anger toward God about not having more children. We decided to begin trying again, and her womb would be prayed over that weekend for the first time in our marriage. We left the retreat optimistic and began trying again to get pregnant. We were to try for another two years with no results.

January through June in 2023, was a period of discontent in my business . . . not trusting what God has done to provide for us. I became angry. There was a dry patch in my faith. I know God was talking to me, and I just did not want to listen. He kept telling me to be content. Every verse, every conversation, every sermon . . . the word contentment kept poking me right between the eyes. CONTENT ABOUT WHAT GOD?

Then my daughter and I went to JH Ranch to spend the week working on our faith and deepening our relationship. My wife called to say she was sick and could not get out of the bed. She said, and I quote, “I believe I’m going through pre-menopause and need to go to the doctor.”

A week later, back from the Ranch, and my wife returned from an appointment with her doctor where she discovered that she was PREGNANT!! After over sixteen years, we are having a child. Why now God? In that moment I realized God has a plan. He knows my heart’s desire, and he is faithful even I cannot trust fully. July 24th on my 41st birthday, I got the news we are having a son to carry on my last name. God hears our prayers, and he knows our heart and desires. My job is to trust his faithfulness in every circumstance.

Blake Kennedy and Mariet are residents of Mobile and have been married for twenty-two years. They have a beautiful daughter, Alyssa, age nineteen. Blake is CEO/President of Beauty Supply of Gulf Coast.



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