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Every Concern of My Life - John White-Spunner

I have feared the possibility that hard things might happen in life. Some did…being in a crashing plane without power; my wife receiving a bad prognosis from cancer; the loss of a child. My prayer time with God became exceptionally important in each of these situations. God has miraculously been present and proved that he is real.

I survived the plane crash…clearly Gods intervention. My wife is a cancer survivor which was a God thing for sure. The presence of God through loss is what I want to share in this story.

Our only son passed earlier this year. The love and grace we experienced can only be described as a gift from God. I was close to our son and cannot imagine life without him. God has been close to me and continues to use others in so many ways to help our entire family on this journey.

Our son was a man of faith. As I was walking early one morning asking God to give me comfort that our son was in Heaven, I saw something floating in the air in front of me. As it got closer, I could see it was a feather. I picked it up and looked up to an open sky remembering the prayer I just said. I believe that feather to be a message from God, and it is now on my mirror as a reminder.

I have clearly seen God answer prayers in my life as only he can do. I pray that any fear or concern is always given to him. I know he is the only one who can get me through whatever happens in my life. He and Jesus are the only ones who can give me the peace that passes all understanding and the promise of Heaven. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving me and for helping me with every concern and fear in my life.



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