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Faith and Trust - Katelanne Fadalla

My father walked me down the aisle. It was something I thought would never happen.

When I was twelve, tragedy struck my family. It resulted in my father being taken away from me. Before these unimaginable circumstances, I had a fairytale life with two young parents who would do anything just to make sure I was having fun. And trust me, we had A LOT of fun.

The tragedy that struck my family lasted for eight years. Through that time two important things happened in two lives independently. I was introduced to prayer through the school I attended. At the same time, my father was dramatically introduced to the word of the Lord.

I believe God placed me in that specific school so that I would learn about prayer at a very difficult time in my young life when my only option was to pray.

When I first started praying, I focused on monumental events in a girl’s life that required the presence of my father. I was thinking about holidays, birthdays, pep-rallies, Friday night football games, senior breakfast, high school and college graduation, and my wedding day.

After missed events and constant disappointment, I decided to change the way I prayed. My prayer was to have faith in the Lord, and trust that he would get me through whatever hardship I might face. That faith grew, and I continued to pray—for eight years.

When I was twenty, a remarkable turn of events occurred that could never have been planned or orchestrated in any humanly way. My father was given back to me. He is a new man on a fresh journey. He was there for my college graduation. He was there to walk me down the aisle. I am so very grateful for events that caused me to trust God.

I am still praying!

Katelanne is a life-long resident of Mobile Al. She is newly married and works as Special Assistant to the Mayor of Mobile.



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