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He Was Protecting My Heart - Kim Garrett

“What is true in the light is also true in the dark.” I did not know I would need that quote from favorite authors just two days after having them speak at an event for Victory Health Partners.

It was the first thought that came to my mind. The normal ultrasound for our third child was silent. There was no heartbeat. Being further along in the pregnancy with no signs of distress, the shock was immediate. Those words flashed through my mind as I numbly walked out of the OB/GYN office with sunglasses to hide my tears. We waited over the weekend to confirm that there was no heartbeat and then made the appointment for a DNC.

We prayed big prayers for a heartbeat on that Monday. But during that time of waiting, the Lord – the Creator and Sustainer of Life – cared for my broken heart. And it was during those quiet moments, that my heart knew that even though I could not reconcile in my mind what was taking place and why something so wonderful would be taken away, that He was protecting my heart - that I could still trust Him and that I was His beloved.

There were moments throughout the day of the procedure of God sharing His love and care, even in the dark. It was seen in the way our community surrounded us, in the moments of quiet and reminders of what He had accomplished in my life to this point.

He is faithful in the dark just as He is in the light. There were days when the grief seemed to be darker, but just a small light illuminated the dark. God is still good in the dark. God is still faithful in the dark. God is still in control in the dark.

In a season when the darkness seems to be overwhelming, I found rest in the illuminating power of the love and faithfulness of God.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5



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