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Humbly Hopeful - Tina Hinckle

“You have a double dose of faithfulness, and just need to be patient." This was the answer to a prayer of, “LORD, what do we need to do?”

My husband, Rob, and I had been praying about the future. Many “things” in our lives were shifting and shaking.

Our youngest daughter would graduate from high school and move on to college, our oldest daughter would be married and we would gain an incredible “son in LOVE”, Rob’s job of 28 years with the same company would come to a close, and an amazing new offer would surface within a week--one of purpose, but also great cost and sacrifice.

The past 3+ years have been a continual season of life milestones with tremendous mountains and deep valleys that I would not change for anything!

Just about a year ago, as I was meeting with our LORD early one October morning, He gave me the phrase “humbly hopeful”. Little did I know at that time that I would begin to discover not only what this phrase meant, but I would also be touched in a new way of God’s revelation of Himself, who I am as His child, and His will and purpose for our lives in this new season.

Waiting is difficult and is also counter-cultural in our immediate response world laced with entitlement. It was in the waiting that I one day read Ps. 37:3-7. I love The Passion Translation of this scripture and discovered the footnote on verse 7, “The root word for ‘wait’ can mean ‘to whirl’ or ‘be in labor (give birth)’. What an unusual concept for waiting on God. We may feel like we’re being whirled around by our circumstances, but in the end, our season of waiting gives birth to greater things.”

This was the glimpse of HOPE that I needed.

In this season, I began to press into Jesus more and more, and He began to build my faith even more. I dove into scripture that came alive, Rob and I enlisted a faithful community of mature believers to pray with us about the future, and we waited and listened for God’s voice of wisdom.

Thankfully, in this intimacy and coming closer to Christ, He began to reveal to me some of my flawed thoughts, attitudes and actions that I repented of and gratefully accepted His grace to replace in me (Rom. 5:20). He has been cleansing, purging and purifying many areas of my heart- people, possessions and pursuits.

I just recently heard someone say, “the screws get tightened” the older we get as believers; we find more and more corners of our dark hearts exposed to His Light (Rom. 6). This deep progression of discipline (and testing) is perfecting us--destroying the darkness and revealing the light of truth (1Jn. 2:8).

As Hebrews 12:13-14 also says, it is “an invitation to share in His holiness”. We cannot be holy without a HUMBLE heart. Andrew Murray said, “Humility is the disappearance of self and the vision that God is ALL”. I am continually being “humbled by the holiness of God”!

This summer, we had the opportunity to “test” Rob’s job offer with JH Adventures in California. God’s Love was expressed to us in intimate and personal ways that could only come from Him. He is in the business of miracles--we witnessed a multitude of hearts receive His salvation, physical healings and His glory- beauty and Presence- in others and His creation like never before.

Today, as I pack our things to move to Birmingham, AL, for Rob’s new job, I remember and give thanks for the most incredible times with beautiful people that we have had as we have lived here in Mobile--even before we were married 25 years ago. I remember who I used to be and who God has transformed me to be now and I celebrate the amazing, abounding Love and Grace that He has given us through Jesus. He is Preeminent, Sovereign, our Shepherd, Provider, and Healer- forever Faithful!

I believe and have experienced that in the humility of our hearts, in active prayer with praise and thanksgiving, and becoming intimate with Him--our Bridegroom, He gives HOPE and invites us to share in His holiness all for His glory and good. He is preparing us for His Kingdom to come! As I trust and wait for what is unseen, I wait “humbly hopeful” for what is to come! (Rom. 8:24)

Tina Hinckle has been a resident of Mobile for 39 years, and is married to Rob who is a native Mobilian. They celebrated their 25th anniversary of marriage in April of this year. They have 2 daughters, Lauren(Hanes Grafe) and Caroline. Tina is a Functional Medicine certified health coach and works for a local FM physician in Mobile as a job and ministry outside of her family.



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