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Just Blessed - Elijah Jones

It is about gratitude. It is about God meeting my needs. It is about friends who introduced me to other friends. It is about belonging. It is about forgiveness and recovery. It is about trust and knowing God loves me.

It was not always like that. The first half of my life was like a leaf blowing in the wind, landing briefly, and blowing along again. That led to decisions and actions that I don’t want to go into. The short story is that it was not a lifestyle that honored God.

In my late 40’s, I determined that change was necessary. I believe that the faithful and powerful prayers of my loving mother and my grandmother were responsible for that decision and many of the things that began to happen. I found God. He had been waiting for me the whole time. They prayed, and He led. Gradually, I learned to pray and a relationship with Jesus formed. It is beyond my imagination to think about how much God loves me.

Health issues occurred during that discovery. I have one lung, a paralyzed vocal cord, and only part of my tongue. I am grateful to have learned of God’s provision and power through that experience. He provided healing. He provided a job and a home. He brought stability into my life. I am able to speak by his grace, and I love to talk about him. I became a minister in my church and am known by my nickname, “Preacher.” I owe everything to the Lord.

Now at age 70, my story is taking new turns. I have a place among a group of men who take the words of Jesus seriously when he said we are to fish for people. Those men are like family to me, and I am grateful. I take great delight in encouraging people and expressing God’s love. Someone asked me what I would say to Jesus if given the chance. I would say, “Thank you for forgiveness and love. I do not want to fail you. I am blessed.”



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