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Success is Being Willing to Follow His Will - Jason Jones

I moved to Mobile in 1995, a medical social worker filled with dreams to save the world. Paying my dues, securing limited resources for people in need, even managing a social work department.

When the hospital I worked for sold, I took the skills learned and entered the world of health plan management. Working in the corporate world was a shock, and I rapidly found myself enthralled with corporate decisions as opposed to ones that directly impacted people.

In 2013, I woke up to God telling me “Quit your job, it is causing you to be someone I didn’t intend for you to be”. I dismissed it as a dream but throughout the day and week, the seed was planted in my head. I’ve always had discussions with God (even as a child), but this was different.

I reminded God that I worked hard in college, eventually earning a graduate degree. I surpassed expectations and was proud of my accomplishments. He told me again, “Quit your job, it is causing you to be someone I did not design you to be”. I reluctantly reached a compromise to discuss it with my wife who certainly wouldn’t agree to such a drastic idea.

When I talked to my wife and told her that I believe God was asking me to quit my job, she said “OK. I trust you and I believe in you”. I was convinced that she didn’t hear me clearly, so I told her again adding that unfortunately God didn’t give me any direction for after I quit my job. She said, “I trust you and believe in you and more importantly, I believe in Him”.

I went back to God for clarification, and he said again, “Quit your job, it is causing you to become someone I did not design you to be”. Then He added, “I can help the process move forward if you would like”.

I immediately told the regional president of the company that I was turning in my notice, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but God had made it crystal clear that it wasn’t to work at this company. Two months later I opened Community Insurance Partners with a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of Medicare beneficiaries, agents, and health care providers in our community.

Sometimes people ask me if it was a success, I simply say that success was being willing to give up on my direction and follow His.

Jason and Cindy Jones are residents of Mobile and have been married for 25 years. Their daughter, Jordan, is a junior at Southern Mississippi University. Jason and Cindy are owners of Community Insurance Partners.



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