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Sweet Honeycomb - Clarissa Smith

I was preparing to attend a City Council meeting in Mobile on a recent Tuesday morning and received a phone call from a friend in North Carolina. She asked, “Sis, how can I pray for you?”

That is a question that I am quite willing to ask another but not one that I am accustomed to hearing asked of me. Though I love to pray and enjoy being in the presence of the Lord through prayer, I did not immediately know how to respond. I recall with great warmth the surprise of that wonderful question. After a moment of silence, I asked her to pray that I will do God’s will.

After our conversation, which was very encouraging and uplifting, I left home for the Council meeting in downtown Mobile. Along the way, I spoke to the Lord about the conversation with my friend and I said, “Father, just as you encouraged me through my friend, so let me be an encouragement to someone else today.”

I parked and walked down the sidewalk toward the City of Mobile offices and became aware of a lady coming towards me. I was struck by her weighted posture. Her head was lowered, and her shoulders were stooped. There seemed to be no joy in her life and a lot on her mind. I quietly asked the Lord, “Is this the one?”

As the distance between us closed, I was moved to speak. Excuse me, may I tell you something? I am not certain what you are dealing with today, but I just want to tell you that your Heavenly Father loves you so very much.”

She began to weep, and right there at the Government Plaza Building, God embraced that lady, His daughter, and let her know how much he cares and loves her. In that moment I was not concerned about my meeting, or what was going on around us, or what others might think, or anything else that may have tried to hinder the love of God touching this dear woman.

That day I learned freshly, as a recipient and as a deliverer, words of kindness in due season can change a life. It is like tasting sweet honeycomb and sharing it with another. That day I participated in the sweet transportable blessing of God’s love.

Psalms 56:3

But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.

Clarissa is a twenty-six-year resident of Mobile, Alabama. She is mother to William, a US Marine currently stationed in Japan. She is a woman that is willing to do everything in her ability to demonstrate the love of God.



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