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The Precise and Perfect Calling of God - Stan Givens

In 1978, Egypt and Israel would sign the Camp David Accords, the first solo expedition to the North Pole would take place, and Jim Davis’s first Garfield the Cat comic strip would debut. In Mobile, AL, University Military School would become U.M.S. Preparatory School, and I would graduate from there.

In the fall of 1978, at an old-fashioned brick altar at Northside Bible Church, with a trembling voice, I told the founding pastor, David Jones, God was calling me to "be like him…to become a pastor." I had come to know Christ as my Savior through the ministry of Greystone Christian School and my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Myrna Locke. As a college freshman, enrolled in the engineering program at the University of South Alabama, I was faced with a decision: follow the leading of God and His "call" or stay with the clear and wide path of engineering.

By God’s grace, I chose His plan and Pastor David helped me enroll in Southeastern Bible College, where I met Annette, my wife of over 40 years now. For the next 22 years, I would serve in two churches in Birmingham. In 2000, the Lord helped me return to the church where I accepted the original call to ministry. In March of that year, I was sitting on the floor of the pastor’s office at Northside, unpacking books in a puddle of tears. I was doing exactly what He had called me to do 22 years earlier. Now, 23 years later, I still serve as the pastor of this amazing congregation. I have learned that God means every word that He speaks. (Matthew 24:35; Isaiah 55:11)

In 2018, God gave me a deep, passionate burden for smaller congregations. So, together with my eldest son Joshua, we started 6:14 Ministries to serve local churches that were struggling or in need of restoration. We have helped over 30 churches stabilize and connect to the community with the gospel.

After 40-plus years of ministry, I have zero regrets for choosing God’s narrow path. I love the local church and I love my calling.

Stan is the Founder and Executive Director of 6:14 Ministries and lead Pastor at Northside Bible Church in Mobile, AL.



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