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The Right Front Tire - William Donaldson

My job was an hour away. I also had the responsibility to transport twelve other men to the job site and back home again. It was important to my family and theirs. We had to get to work so that our families would be cared for. I kept a dependable van at home for that purpose and used an older vehicle for personal use.

On this day, I was tending to another responsibility before collecting the men and going to work. Only ten minutes away. No problem.

I finished my business and headed home. As I gained speed, I felt bumping on the right front side of the vehicle and immediately pulled off the road to find the problem. I reached into the fender well and placed my hand on the right front tire. The problem was clear.

I have large hands, and the split along the tread was wide enough for my finger to lay inside it. Under the split, I could feel three bumps. That old tire was about to come apart. I knew it would take over an hour to remove and replace the tire. If I did, I and the men who depended upon me would not get to work and would not be paid.

So, the prayer began. “Lord, you know I can’t stop to change this tire. I’ve got to get to those men. Would you get me home?”

I got back in the truck and gently started home. My thoughts were shifting rapidly from prayer to the tire, from the tire to the men, from the men to prayer, and back to the tire. Very shortly, the Holy Spirit alerted me to look at the speedometer. I was riding smoothly at 65 mph. No bumps. No vibration.

I arrived home and inspected the tire again . . . all around it. I found no protrusions and there was no split in the tread.

The men and I got to and from work that day. And I wondered about that right front tire for another two years. Eventually, it lost pressure and I replaced it. But I will continue to wonder at the day that the Lord answered my prayer and got me home in time to do my job . . . the day the Lord healed my right front tire.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”

William and his wife are long term residents of Mobile. William is retired from shipbuilding and is an active spiritual encourager among men in the city.



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