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Then We Saw a Moving Van - Dan & Gloria Ward

Gloria and I were making a life decision moving to Mobile, Alabama. We believed that living close to our daughter and her family was in the plans of the Lord.

The amazing miracle came as we searched for a place in which we could settle as we were getting up in our years. We drove all over Mobile looking for the right community. We prayed as we drove around and ended up finding a place that we loved.

There were no homes available in the community, but we decided to pick out one or two on the only circle that would work well for us and prayed that the Lord would make a way.

Back in Omaha while moving out of our sold home, we got a call from our relator saying that a house came available in that community, and it was on the exact circle that we had prayed for. We were very excited but found out it was a 2-bedroom home, and we really needed a 3-bedroom home. Even so, we decided that we needed to go back and see the home, so we wrapped up things and headed back to Mobile.

The day after arriving, we did a walk-through, but we did not see it working. We wondered about the situation, because we could easily see how God had provided this home at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. We decided to go back and look at it again with an open mind to how it could work even though it was 2 bedrooms.

As we turned into the circle, we looked and saw a moving van backed up to another home on the circle. We checked and saw that they were taking furniture out, not in!

Our hearts leaped, and soon after a conversation with them, learned that they had not listed it yet, and it was a 3 bedroom! That day we made a verbal offer, and 11 days later we were handed the keys! O Lord, how majestic are Your ways!

When miracles like this happen to us, they become a memorial of remembrance, and He assured us that we are here in Mobile by His doing, and that is a reward that goes beyond words.

Dan and Gloria moved to Mobile four years ago to be closer to their grandchildren. They have loved each other in marriage for 47 years and have four adult children and three grandchildren. Together they started American Electronics, Inc. in Nebraska, and sold the business after 37 successful years. Today Gloria and Dan operate MediGuard USA, a medical alert company, and Dan is involved in local ministry work.



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