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What's in Your Closet? - Arnita Patrice

As I was going through items in my closet, preparing to move to a new place, I stumbled upon a sweater that did not look like it belonged to me. Its vibrant colors and intricate knit caught my attention, drawing me closer. Curiosity piqued, I reached out and held it in my hands. “Where did this come from?”

It was then that a flood of memories rushed over me, memories I had long forgotten. The sweater had been a gift, given to me by a dear friend many years ago. But as life moved forward, the sweater got buried in the back of my closet. It had become a forgotten treasure, hidden away in the depths of my closet.

The Bible speaks of the hidden chambers of my heart, where emotions, desires, and secrets reside (Col. 3:23). It warns of guarding my heart diligently, for from it flow the issues of life. In that moment, I realized that the sweater was a metaphor for something deeper—a reflection of my personal condition.

Just like the forgotten sweater, I allowed certain things to gather in my life. Unresolved conflicts, unforgiveness, and lingering pain had taken up residence, hidden away from view, but still exerting their influence on my life. I had neglected to address these matters, allowing them to accumulate and create a cluttered space within me.

The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, wrote about the importance of putting away bitterness, anger, and malice from their hearts. He encouraged the believers to be kind and compassionate, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ forgave them. I realized that true freedom and healing could only come through the act of letting go.

As I held that sweater in my hands, I made a decision. I chose to confront the contents of my heart's closet, one by one. I reached for forgiveness, extending it to those who had hurt me. I released bitterness, allowing love and grace to take its place. I embraced healing, seeking solace in the arms of my Savior.

Slowly but surely, the clutter in my life began to dissipate. The sweater, once forgotten, found its proper place in my life once again.

The lesson I learned that day was simple yet profound: Sometimes, I allow unwanted things to hang in the closet of my heart, but it is up to me to confront them, to release them, and to make room for the beauty that lies within.

Arnita Patrice is a resident of Michigan in the Metropolitan Detroit area. She is also an Ordained Minister, Podcast Host, Life Coach and Mentor.


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Kimberly Joy
Kimberly Joy
Jul 24, 2023

Very nice Arnita! There's nothing like being healed and set free! That's the only way we can truly move forward in God! Continue to allow God to use you!!!

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