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Then if my people who are called by my name will

humble themselves and

pray and

seek my face and

turn from their wicked ways,

I will hear from heaven and

will forgive their sins and

restore their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Your car engine is powered by a group of cylinders, each with a piston powering the movements of the machine. For your car to run effectively, all those pistons must be firing with full force. Even one failed cylinder can dramatically reduce the power needed to operate your car safely. If two or more fail, the engine will not run and you will be stranded.


In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Bible outlines four points of spiritual obedience: (1) humility, (2) prayer, (3) seeking God, and (4) turning from sin. These four points are like the cylinders in your car's engine. Just as your car requires all cylinders to be active and tuned, your spiritual engine operates effectively when all four points of obedience are in action.

God's promise is clear and sure. When we are in the position of obedience described by these four points, He will hear our prayer, forgive and clear our sin, and restore the "land" -- the specific context of our life and needs. It is a powerful promise that prescribes our interface with God on His terms to which He responds with transforming blessing and favor. Our responsibility is to attend His prescription. He takes care of the rest, forming our prayer, establishing our thought, and directing our action.  


Your life and your prayer are empowered when you follow these four points. You would not tolerate the ineffectiveness of your car with a miss in the engine. Nor should you tolerate a miss in your spiritual engine. Too much is at stake in our region for any of us to pray at less than full power.


Here is an audio resource to help you attain the spiritual power for which you are designed.

The Effective Position!

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